Hey friend. Sure do miss you. In honour of your birthday, I just trolled back through our Facebook wall thread from over the years, and it seems (interspersed with the occasional Backstreet Boys and My Lamb Bhuna) the only thing we ever used that forum for was to harass each other when we were away … you would tell me to hurry up my work trips and get back to England, and I would tell you to speed it up and get back from Spain already.

I kind of feel that way now … please hurry up and get back already! Gosh, I miss you. Feels like right about now should be the time you should come back and end some little trip, or you should get off the plane here in America like you were planning to next weekend. Things definitely aren’t the same without you popping through my door with a tub of pea and mint soup and a giant hug. You had the best hugs, that’s for sure. I like it when hugs are “all in,” and yours always were. :)

It’s hard to even figure out what I miss most. It’s everything, and it comes to mind all the time, when I hear frogs, or when I see hot cross buns, or when I eat a good bag of crisps. ;) I miss your crazy competitiveness about Pooh sticks and laser tag and everything else. I miss slobbing around and the way we left a ton of films only half watched because we’d stop so much to talk that it’d be crazy late. The way you’d want us to go all the way to Brighton if we were going to eat fish and chips … I mean, why not go to the best one? :) How you thought all my American-isms were hilarious, and how you took pictures and made a big deal the first time I gave you milk and cookies together. Oh my gosh, you were going to love the South. Those rednecks didn’t even know what was coming. :) And we almost had your accent ready, if we could’ve just gotten the “er” on the end of peanut butter sorted out. ;) I miss how excited you got about EVERYTHING, and how you thought it was hilarious the way I got so excited about sheep and everything else British. Most of all, I miss the way you were so passionate and the way you love Jesus. When I think of how much I’d like to have you back, I can just see you laughing and saying, “Right. Grace, I miss you too, but why don’t you just come on up here? It’s SO much more awesome!!!!! You’re not going to believe it.”

Love you, friend. Tonnes. And will miss you until the day I get there, too.